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Alkaline/ORP (Remineraliser)

Hydronix UDF-ALK Cartridges produce perfectly balanced pH Balanced water, helping to minimise fluxuations in your normal pH. When water is passed through the cartridge, the pH of the water is increased to between 8.5 - 10. There are many health benefits attributed to raising the pH level in the body to attain a more alkaline state. 

These Alkaline cartridges increase the levels of beneficial minerals, Calcium and Magnesium in your drinking water while also increasing the antioxident level (negative ORP) in your water to neutralise free radicals and DNA damage.

Hydronix UDF-ALK Cartridges are also perfect for restoring acidic Reverse Osmosis water to a perfect natural alkali state by adding essential and beneficial minerals such as calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potasium back into your water after bein g stripped out by the RO process. 

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20 x 4.5 Alkaliser 20 micron

Alkaline Filter to fit most 20" Jumbo Housings
$285.00 incl GST $250.00 incl GST

10 x 2.5 Alkaliser 20 micron

Alkaline Filter to fit most 10" Standard Housings
$100.00 incl GST $85.00 incl GST

12 x 2.5 Inline Alkaline 5 micron

Alkaline Filter to connect to 1/4" or 3/8" Polyethylene Tube.
$90.00 incl GST $75.00 incl GST

10 x 4.5 GAC 20 micron

Alkaline Filter to fit most 10" Jumbo Housings
$55.00 incl GST