EcoAqua C-Cyst-FF & CC-QAP9R

Aqua CombSKU: EWF-8000A

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The EcoAqua EWF-8000A is a replacement water filter which is a replacement for Aqua-Pure AP900, AP9100 and AP9400, AP 56104-27, C-Cyst-FF , NEPHEADS, Insinkerator F701R filter Systems (GN1100, HC1100). Also suitable for Puretec Model Number CC-QAP9R.

The EWF-8000A water filter cartridge provides high quality water by reducing sediment, taste and odour and protection from cryptosporidium and giardia at flow rates up to 5.7 lpm. 


- Capacity: 37,854 litres
- Flow rate: 5.7 lpm
- Temperature: 4.4-38C
- Pressure:172-862 kPa
- Micron Rating: 1 micron
- Filter Life: 12 months

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