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Sundance 80 Micro Clean - Disposable

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Behind every spa pool lies a clean, well-maintained filtration system, ensuring clean water to soak in. Sundance Spa pre-filters are integral to the filtration system, helping purify water before you fill your spa. A pre-filter fits onto most standard hose connections when filling your spa pool to remove pollutants, efficiently removing larger debris and finer particles from the liquid. Sundance Spa pre-filters excel with a 90% efficiency rate in eliminating dirt, sediment, rust, and calcium from the water. The filters help maintain water clarity, hygiene, and quality by trapping debris, contaminants, and microscopic elements. With proper care, Sundance Spa filters contribute significantly to the longevity and performance of your spa while promoting a refreshing and revitalising soak. Explore our range of Sundance Spa filters for a comprehensive spa filtration system, ensuring a clean and clear pool. Water Filters Online is a prominent supplier of water treatment and filter solutions in New Zealand. Since we operate as an online retailer, we benefit from minimal overhead costs, offering profit margins lower than the conventional standard. This strategic advantage and a strong sense of loyalty

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