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When Should You Replace the Lamp of Your UV Light Water Filter?

Exposure to UV light at the correct wavelength is an incredibly effective disinfection method. It destroys bacteria by disrupting microorganism DNA, preventing them from reproducing or performing other vital life functions. UV light is perfect for use on food and liquids as it is a chemical-free disinfection method that does not leave behind any taste-altering by-products.

Bacteria or faecal coliforms can sometimes contaminate tank water without being noticed. Installing an effective UV light water filter produces UV-C rays, the wavelength of UV light that kills microorganisms, which is crucial for the effective sterilisation and purification of water. However, you may experience a drop in effectiveness if you use UV lamps beyond their rated total usage hours. Replace your UV water filter bulbs at least once a year or perform maintenance according to the manufacturer’s manual to ensure optimum disinfecting performance.

We Have the UV Light Replacement Bulbs You Need

Water Filters Online stocks a wide range of aftermarket UV light water treatment replacement bulbs for most of the brands and models in the New Zealand market. We have one of the country’s largest collections of water filtration products for tanks, pools, spas, and more. Our close relationship with premier importers and distributors ensures that we can procure the parts you require. Please reach out to us if you cannot find the product you’re looking for, and our friendly team will be delighted to help.

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