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Showing 1 - 24 of 172 products

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Why Buy UV Replacement Bulbs with Us? 

We stock a wide range of brands, lengths, and compatibilities in our stock of UV water filtration bulbs, power supplies, seals, filters, and lamps to make sure we can help service a wide range of clients. Through stringent quality control, we make sure that our filters come to you in good condition and ready to be installed, so that we can get your UV systems up and running again. 

We offer competitive pricing with our 100% price beating guarantee and have free delivery nationwide for all purchases over $150!

The Benefits of UV Filtration Systems

Using ultra-violet light as a water filtration method has a number of key benefits:

⦁    There is no need to use potentially harmful chemicals to help disinfect the water. 
⦁    Does not take time to start working like chemicals. UV is nearly immediate in its effectiveness.
⦁    UV has lower power consumption than many other types of water filters.
⦁    Creates no by-products that can cause issues by themselves.
⦁    There is lower maintenance needed, and when parts do need to be replaced, they can be easily purchased from Water Filters Online.

Have Questions? 

Not sure what replacement parts you need or what brand to choose? Our friendly team of experts have the product knowledge to make sure you are purchasing the right parts for your needs. They can talk you through the different benefits of each system and leave you confident in your purchase. Contact our team today to find out more. 

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