PRF-RO Tankless Reverse Osmosis System (2600LPD)

PentairSKU: PRF-RO

Feed Water Divertor Valve (mains connector): No - Feed Water Required
Drinking Water Tap: No - Tap Required
Sale price$1,500.00


PRF-RO Tankless Complete Reverse Osmosis System has an on-demand continuous flow that does not require a storage tank like standard Residential; RO Systems.

The Pentair Water® Reverse Osmosis System will deliver up to 2600 litres per day using typical line pressure, so you do not need an additional pressure pump in most applications. That’s enough capacity for many small business applications, at the price of a residential system. 


  • No storage tank required
  • Will works with with standard line pressure 
  • No Pump Or Electricity required
  • Will not run dry
  • Consistent membrane Efficiency
  • High Recovery System - Less Wasted Water goes down the drain

Working Specs:

Max Pressure              40 - 80 psi
Working Pressure       70psi (500 kPa)

For a Downloadable Data Sheet, please click here 

There are 3 Options available:

  • Reverse Osmosis System Only. Includes:
    • Reverse Osmosis System
    • Feed Water Valve - 20mm
    • Tubing
    • Post Filter
    • 32mm Drain line Connection
  • Reverse Osmosis System c/w Feed Water Valve. Includes:
  •           All of Above plus 20mm Feed Water Divertor Valve for connection of 1/2"              Tubing to existing Water line. 
  •   Reverse Osmosis System c/w Faucet and Feed Water Valve. Includes:
    • All of above plus:
    • Faucet 


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