Whole House pH Neutralising System

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Peak Flow Rate: 10 LPM
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The natural way to Raise the pH of your Water

PureZone Calcite pH Neutralisers are an effective, chemical free and natural method of raising the pH of your water without damaging the environment.

Acidic water is corrosive and can not only shorten the life of  your water filter pipes, parts and fittings, but it can have negative effects of your health as copper is leached into the water you consume.

The pH scale indicates whether your water is Chemically Acid or Alkaline. The pH Scale ranges from 0-14 with 7 being the neutral point. To put this is in context using In using commonly used examples. Lemon Juice has a pH of 2, and Bleach has a pH of 13.

The pH neutralising Systems work by increasing the Alkalinity of the water by raising the pH. Best case scenario, this will change acidic water into pH neutral water, effectively decreasing the corrosive nature of the water.

The System is able to achieve this by using a media called Calcite which is rich in Magnesium and Calcium minerals. The acidic water dissolves the media into the water, raising the pH, and increasing the alkalinity. 

Due to the fact that the media dissolves, the calcite will need to be topped up periodically. 

To enable this to be done easily, all of our systems come with an Upflow Refill Port Valve (please see spec sheet for more details)  PNF Spec Sheet

There are 4 Different sizes to choose from depending on flow rates.

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