What Is A UV Filter System Used For And Why Is It Beneficial?

UV filter systems are an environmentally friendly way to purify your water.

Chemical-free and easy to maintain, they are a popular water treatment solution.

But, are they the right option for your home?

Read on to find out what a UV filter system is, how they work and why they are a pretty great water treatment option. Then, you can decide if they are right for your circumstances.

Let’s do it!

What Is A UV Filter System Used For And Why Is It Beneficial?

What Is A UV Filter System?

A UV water filter system is used to sterilise and purify drinking water. The system uses UV light to kill or neutralise microorganisms like bacteria and viruses that might be present in the water supply. That makes your water safer to drink, as those microorganisms can cause various waterborne illnesses if consumed.

UV filter systems can be used anywhere, but they are particularly popular in rural or remote settings where the water source may not be treated with as many elements as the town supply. They are a popular choice for water purification and can be used in conjunction with other filtration systems.

How Does It Work?

A UV filter system works hard to purify your water before it comes out of your tap. It does this via a purification process. Water enters the system from your main water source, whether it be town supply, tank water, a bore, or something else.

Then, it passes through a UV treatment system where special UV lights emit specific wavelengths that have the ability to disrupt the DNA of any live microorganisms present in the water. This disruption prevents the microorganisms from being able to function and reproduce.

That means they can no longer replicate or infect people or animals that they come in contact with. UV filter systems are a simple and effective way to destroy potentially harmful microorganisms without the need to add chemicals to your water.

The water then travels through a second filtration stage where sediment and debris are removed, leaving your water clean and clear to use.

Why UV Filter Systems Are Great

When it comes to the treatment of your water, UV filter systems are great for a number of reasons. They are:


UV water filter systems are highly effective at destroying a wide range of nasties, like bacteria and viruses. Quickly and effectively, they reduce waterborne diseases and ensure your water is safe for use - both washing with and drinking.


Because a UV filter system utilises the power of UV lights to treat your water, it does not rely on the use of chemicals like chlorine. That means it is a chemical-free and environmentally friendly method of water treatment.

This is particularly beneficial if you don’t like the taste or odour of chlorine in your water or prefer a chemical-free alternative.

Low Maintenance

UV systems are also great because they require very little maintenance. The UV lights are the main component of the system and typically only need replacing once a year. The system itself does not require additional checks and of course, there is no need to handle chemicals.

As long as the UV lights are consistently operating, the system provides continuous sterilisation, making it suitable for all water treatment applications. Then, you simply need to change the carbon filters on a regular basis, as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Quality Improvement

The presence of certain microorganisms can alter the taste and odour of your drinking water. UV filter systems help to eliminate those, making your water smell and taste better. Plus, with those microorganisms removed, you know your water is safe and healthy too.

Cost- Effective

Like any system, there is a cost attached to investing in a UV water filter. And, UV systems can have a higher price tag than other filtration systems. However, once you make that initial investment, the ongoing maintenance and running costs are minimal. That makes it a long term cost-effective way to filter your drinking water.


A UV filter system is incredibly versatile. It can be used to filter a number of different water sources. That can include your town water supply, tank water, bore water, rainwater, or pretty much any other water source. This makes them a really versatile option, perfect in a range of different settings.


UV water filter systems are highly effective at disinfecting your water sources. However, they may not completely remove other contaminants like debris or sediment. The good news is that they work really well in conjunction with other filtration systems, making your water even safer to drink. Most UV systems come with multi-stage filtration, including carbon filters to process sediment, but you can also purchase stand-alone UV options that could work with an existing filtration system.

Where Can I Buy One?

Have we sold you on the benefits of a UV filter system? Great! Then, you are ready to get one. And fortunately, you are already in the right place.

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