Why Does Filtered Water Taste So Much Better?

When you are crazy thirsty, there is nothing more quenching than a cool, clear glass of water.

But, not all glasses of water are created equally!

In fact, some are much, much better than others.

The best ones contain delicious filtered water.

So, what is it that makes filtered water taste so much better than anything else?

It might feel like magic, but it’s actually a logical set of reasons. Let’s find out what they are!

Why Does Filtered Water Taste So Much Better?

What Is Filtered Water?

Filtered water refers to water that has gone through a filtration process to remove impurities, contaminants and particles. Filtration creates cleaner, safer drinking water and can improve the taste odour and overall quality of the water.

Filtration is common for drinking water and can be applied to a number of sources like tap water, tank water, bore water, or water from other untreated sources. There are several types of water filters available and they can use different mechanisms to purify your water.

Some of the most common types are:

  • Fridge Filters
  • Benchtop Systems
  • Undersink Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • UV Systems
  • Whole house and tank systems

Why Does Filtered Water Taste Better?

Filtered water often tastes better than tap water or other untreated sources. Why is that?

Here are some of the reasons why filtered water tastes so darn good!

No Impurities

The process of filtration removes impurities like chlorine, sediments and other contaminants from your drinking water. These impurities can contribute to bad flavours or odours in the water which can make it taste unpleasant. Removing them leaves you with clean, fresh water just like mother nature intended it to taste!

Smoother Texture

Compared to unfiltered water, the filtered alternative tends to have a cleaner, smoother texture. That's because when you remove the particles and sediments clouding the water, it leaves you with a clearer end product. And that end product feels much more refreshing on the palette!

Less Odour

Ever filled a glass from the tap and felt like you’d just stepped into a swimming pool complex because of the chlorine smell? Filtering the water will help reduce that odour and will also improve the taste. That means no stinky smells and clean, fresh water to drink.

Balance Mineral Content

Many town supplies add elements to the water to treat it and make it safer to drink. While minerals like calcium, magnesium and fluoride are beneficial for your health, too much of them can alter the taste and texture of the water. Filtering the water gives it a more balanced mineral content with excess particles filtered out before you drink it.

Consistent Taste And Texture

As we just mentioned, town supply water is regularly treated to ensure it remains safe to drink. But depending on the source and the treatment process, the taste and texture can vary each time you turn on the tap. Filtration systems help to provide a more consistent and controlled taste so that your water is the same every time you pour it.

Reduction Of Bacteria

Bacteria are naturally occurring in water, playing essential roles in various ecological processes. However, some bacteria can pose health risks to humans if they are present in high concentrations. Also, some bacteria can enter your drinking water when the source is contaminated by animal waste, run off, or simply when water sits stagnant. Filtration can help to remove bacteria and microorganisms, leading to improved water taste and safety.

Should I Filter My Water?

So, have we convinced you? Is it time to start filtering your water? Or to replace the filter on your current filtration system?

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