16LPM Ultraviolet Steriliser c/w Pre Filtration System

WaterFilters Online NZSKU: UV4-PL20-SDC1

Pre-filter Cartridge 1: 20 micron Pleated
Pre-Filter Cartridge 2: 1 micron Sediment Depth (Polyspun)
Sale price$550.00


Polaris UVA-4C UV Steriliser complete with 10" Standard Filtration System

This system has 15mm ports so can connect directly into your existing Mixer Tap using 15mm Stainless Steel Flexi-Hoses (not included).

Please note that only your cold water line is connected to this system, so protection is only for the cold water. If your mixer tap is open to the hot water (even if only a little bit), then you will get partial bypass of untreated water  through the hot water line. 


  • Polaris UVA-4C (incl Lamp and Ballast). For specs please CLICK 
  • 2 Stage Pre-Filtration System for Sediment and Cyst Removal (please see below). 

1st Pre-filter

SKU Filter Type
10PL20 Pleated 20 micron Medium grade sediment (washable)
10PL5 Pleated 5 micron Fine grade sediment (washable)
SDC-25-1020 Polyspun Depth 20 micron Medium grade sediment
SDC-25-1005 Polyspun Depth 5 micron

Fine grade sediment


2nd Prefilter

SKU Filter Type  Removes
SDC-25-1001 Polyspun Depth 1 micron Fine Sediment, Cysts (Giardia)
CB-25-1001 Carbon Block Fine Sediment, Cysts (Giardia) & Bad Tastes and Odours

NB: Due to shipping/packaging restraints, the system will not be fully assembled, so some assembly will be required prior to installation. 

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