Alkaliser ORP Cartridge for pH Increase - Multiple Sizes

HydronixSKU: UDF-10-ALK

Width: 2.5" (Standard)
Height/Length: 10"
Sale price$85.00


Hydronix Inline Alkaline / ORP Cartridge to increase Water Alkalinity and Reduce Bad Taste and Odours.

What is ORP?

The process of Ion exchange, is a continuous exchange of electrons, and it occurs in air, earth, water, and in our bodies. Electrons can be either Positively charged or Negatively charged. 

Negatively charged electrons are considered the spark of life. They give life the negative electrical current that give the cell in which your body is made up of a chance to thrive and be active. 

In relation to water, positively charged Oxidizing agents are hungry for electrons, while Anti-oxidizing agents, have a surplus to donate. ORP measures a substance's ability to oxidize or reduce another, in mV.

Positive ORP values indicate oxidation; higher is more oxidizing. Negative values denote reducing; lower is more anti-oxidizing.

Tap water and bottled water are oxidizing agents; alkaline ionized water is anti-oxidizing, donating electrons to neutralize free radicals.


4 Different sizes of Cartridge for all situations.

  • UDF-10-ALK fits 10" Standard Housing 
  • UDF-10BP-ALK fits 10" Jumbo Housing
  • UDF-20BP-ALK fits 20" Jumbo Housing
  • ICF-2512-ALK Connects to 1/4" Tubing  

  • Manufactured in Taiwan under USA License
  • Buna-N Seal Endcap
  • Effective Bad Taste & Odour Reduction

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