Compact Single Stage Underbench Inline System with Chlorine, Fluoride, Scale Removal and Alkaline Water options

Water Filters OnlineSKU: UB-2512-GAC-G

Faucet Required: Yes
Cartridge Type: ICF-2512Q 5 Micron GAC (For Bad Taste & Odour Reduction)
Sale price$196.80


Remove Chlorine and other contaminants with the Inline GAC Systems

The Hydronix ICF Filtration Systems take up very little space under your sink, yet it is very effective at removing Chlorine from your water source at point of use. Specifically Designed to connect and divert from your flexi-hose under your sink to the single outlet TAP.

There are 4 Different Cartridges to choose from each with Faucet or NO faucet options.

  • ICF-2512Q - 100% GAC Cartridge for CTO Removal (Chlorine and other Bad Tastes & Odours). 
  • ICF-2512Q-SR - GAC for CTO removal with added Polyphosphate for Limescale Reduction. 
  • ICF-5567Q - GAC for CTO removal with added KDF for extra Chlorine reduction.
  • ICF-2512-ALK - For Demineralizing your water, raising the pH and increasing the Alkalinity. 
  • INAA - 100% Activated Alumina Cartridge for Fluoride Reduction. 

 If you are replacing an old system and already have a faucet in place, then there is an option to buy a System less the Faucet. 

Each System comes with: 

  • Connection Kit (including Feed Water Adapter, Shut off valves & Pressure Limiting Valve).

  • Mounting U Bracket and screw. 

  • Designer Faucet (if option selected)
  • Installation Instructions. 

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