Underbench Double Stage System with Tap (No Cartridge incl)

Water Filters OnlineSKU: UB-2-G-NC

Sale price$256.00


Design and Configure your own Filtration System

This 2 Stage Configurable Systems come with a Designer Faucet but without cartridges so they can be tailored to your specific needs.

Suits most 10" Standard Cartridges.

Specifically Designed to connect and divert from your flexi-hose under your sink to the single outlet TAP, this system comes with connection fittings which will allow you to connect your system easily.

This system is unassembled, so some assembly is required during installation. 

  • 2 x Filter Housings which fit 10: Standard Cartridges (1/4" in-out ports)
  • 1/4" Housing Joiner
  • Double Bracket & 8 x Screws
  • Connection Kit (incl 1/4" Tubing)
  • Lead Free Designer Faucet
  • Housing Spanner 

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