Empty Cartridge Casings for Media Refills

HydronixSKU: EC-2010C

Width (OD): 2.0" (Inline)
Length (Height): 10"
Color: Clear
Sale price$20.00


Empty Cartridge Casings which can be filled with Media. Inline, Standard width and Jumbo width available. 

  • Durable Construction
  • Excellent Flow Rate
  • Can be use for Pre or Post Filter
  • Body made in High Impact Polystyrene, ABS or SAN
  • Lid made in High Impact Polystyrene 
  • Buna-N Gasket


2" OD (Inline) 2.5" (Standard) & 4.5" (Jumbo)
Gasket Buna-N Buna-N

White - High Impact Polystyrene

Clear - SAN

White - High Impact Polystyrene

Clear - ABS

End Caps High Impact Polystyrene High Impact Polystyrene


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