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Protect yourself by Disinfecting your Bacteria Laden Tank Water with GeoSil

Water comes to us from several sources, but can generally be classified as either Surface water, or Ground Water.

Surface water is the water obtained from springs, streams, lakes, ponds, and while usually free of high levels of dissolved metals, almost invariably contain microbiological contamination. It is recognised as being the most heavily contaminated water source, and disinfection is normally required. 

Ground water is water that lies beneath the surface in a zone of saturation, or aquifer. Ground water can come to us naturally from underground springs, artesian bores, or by the most common method, man made bores. In the past, ground water was relatively free of contaminants, having been filtered and stored naturally by nature. Not so any more. Increasingly, contaminants are turning up in ground water supplies, requiring point of use (POU) water treatment, and in some cases, abandonment of wells.

Rainwater, once thought to be better quality than town water, healthier, purer, and free of any added chemicals, is increasingly becoming a cause of concern. It can be exposed to many pollutants, such as insects, bird droppings, dust, agricultural sprays etc. Pollutants in a rainwater tank can become ;concentrated, whereas they may be diluted in a running steam. Giardia is also a real possibility in rainwater tanks, because of faecal matter from animals and birds on the roof.

Water is a universal solvent. It also sustains life forms of all types. For this reason it can be the carrier of all sorts of dissolved materials, biological life forms, diseases, and toxic contaminants. Contamination can include bacteria, coliforms, viruses, cysts, pesticides, and dissolved minerals such as iron and manganese. Fortunately, many of these contaminants are oxidizable, and can, therefore, be successfully treated with GeoSIL®.

Tank (Storage) Water Disinfection
Rainwater and water pumped from streams, ponds or bores, is commonly held in storage tanks close to the point of use, or at an elevated site to provide water pressure. These can easily become contaminated, and under suitable conditions, microbiological contamination can increase to alarming levels.

GeoSIL® is the ideal product to disinfect not only the water in the tank, but the tank, and the water distribution system as well. Periodic cleaning and dosing with GeoSIL® is a most effective and safe method of ensuring safe water systems. 

GeoSIL150 is a diluted form of GeoSil and is perfect for using in Water Storage Tanks.


  • GeoSIL® is more powerful than unstabilised hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and potassium permanganate.
  • It is safe to use. It does not give off harmful gas, produce any toxic byproducts, or leave residues.
  • It is ecologically safe and bio-degradable.
  • It can leave residual in the water that is measurable with GeoSIL Test Strips
  • Does not depend on water clarity, or pH to be effective.
  • Does not produce carcinogenic chlorinated organic compounds (THM’s)Eliminates odours,
  • Leaves no odour of its own.
  • Does not leave a taste in the water.
  • Does not require flushing out of the water supply after use.
  • Requires no expensive capital outlay, and is economical to use.
  • It can simply be applied manually as required, and does not need expensive on-site equipment or power supplies.
  • Is approved for use in New Zealand in potable water supplies.

When to use GeoSIL®
Tank and system cleaning can be carried out as often as required, but the following are some of the indicators to be considered.

  • If unpleasant tastes or odour develop in the water
  • At least every two years, annually preferably.
  • If deposits of bird or animal waste are found on the roof or in guttering.
  • If dead animals or birds are found on the roof, in gutters, or in the tank.
  • If the water tanks has not been used for some period of time (Baches, trampers or musterers huts etc.)
  • If contaminated water has been allowed into the system.
  • Anytime visitors or members of the household display medical problems.
  • Anytime you think it needs it

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