Granulated Activated Carbon Cartridge for Chlorine and Bad Taste and Odour Removal

Width (Outside Diameter): 2.5" (Standard)
Height/Length: 10"
Active Media: 100% Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC)
Sale price$25.00


Effectively Reduce Chlorine and/or Bad Tastes and Odours with Coconut Shell GAC or a combination of GAC/KDF

There are a range of different Sizes in the GAC Serries: 


  • 2.5" OD (or Standard width)
  • 4.5" OD (or Jumbo width)

Lengths (height)

  • 10" Long (254mm)
  • 20" Long (508mm)


  • 100 % GAC
  • GAC with added KDF55

More Info

  • Fits All Standard & Jumbo Sized Filter Housings 
  • Manufactured in Taiwan under USA License 
  • Buna-N Seal Endcap
  • Highly Efficient Chlorine Removal 
  • Removes other Bad Tastes, Odour and Colours
  • Maximum Temperature 51.7 deg C

Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) with added KDF Filter Cartridge. 

  • Effective Chlorine Reduction
  • For use in Chlorinated Water Supply
  • Compatible with HRV Systems and any other Systems with using whole house KDF Filters

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