Mixed Bed Resin Deionizing/Demineralizing Cartridge (Inline, Standard & Jumbo)

Housing Type: N/A - Inline Type for Connection 1/4" Tubing
Sale price$70.00


Effectively Reduce Hard Minerals Ions from your Town Water 

Deionizing Cartridges use quality Colour Indicating Mixed Bed Resin to remove minerals such as Calcium, Iron, & Copper from your town water. 

Suitable for Window Washing & Cleaning Vehicles.

Please Note: Not suitable for Silica Removal 

The Media is a colour changing media to assist you in replacing the media at the right time. The default colour is Amber, but turns to Red when at removal capacity. Replace the media when the majority of the beads are red. 

 Please CLICK for Spec Sheet     

There are 5 options available:

Model Housing Type Active Media  Removes *Estimated Removal Capacity (PPM)
INMBR-CI N/A - Inline

Resinex MX-1 l

10" Standard Resinex MX-1 l Minerals
10" Jumbo Resinex MX-1 l Minerals 55,000
MBR20J-CI 20" Jumbo Resinex MX-1 l Minerals 123,900

* Please note that this is an estimate only to guide you on selecting the correct cartridge size. Please replace media when the majority of the Colour is red. To estimate approx. how much DI water you will be able to get from each cartridge before it is exhausted, divide the Feed water TDS into the above capacity.   

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