NSF53 Certified Omnipure Elf Series Cartridge (Alternative to Puretec X7-R)

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The ELF (Extra Large Format) Series Cartridge is a higher flow and capacity cartridge for  reducing Cysts, Chlorine, taste, color, odour and VOC's with added scale/corrosion inhibitor to prevent of Lime Scale build-up.

Alternative to Puretec X Series. Please note though that the cartridges will not fit a Puretec Head. You must use an ELF Head. 

Certified to NSF 53 (for reduction of Cysts)


  • Commercial and Residential Drinking Water Systems
  • Pre- and Post- R.O. Filtration
  • Water Coolers
  • Food Service

Specifications: Download Spec Sheet HERE

  • Specifications

    Flow Rate

    6.31 LPM

    Maximum Operating Pressure

    125 PSIG

    Operating Temperature

    35 to 100 ºF

    Rated Capacity

    56,700 Litres or 6 months

    Reduction Claim

    Cyst, chlorine, taste, color, odour and VOC reduction with scale/corrosion inhibitor

    Minimum Working Pressure

    40 psi

    Filter Outer Diameter

    80mm OD

    325mm Long 

    Carbon Type

    Activated Coconut Shell Carbon

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