Underbench Quick Change System 1 micron for Chlorine Reduction c/w Designer Faucet

Water Filters OnlineSKU: UB-5420-G

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Quick Change Chlorine Removal System

The Omnipure Q-Series Quick Change Filtration System make cartridge changes very simple and quick. Specifically Designed to connect and divert from your flexi-hose under your sink to the single outlet TAP.

  • Omnipure Q5420 Chlorine Removal Filter and Head for the removal of Chlorine, Taste, Odour and Cysts
  • Connection Fittings Kit which will allow you to connect your system easily.

  • Mounting Bracket and 4 x Screw

  • Included in the System is a Designer Drinking Water Faucet.
  • Installation is required (Instructions included with system). 

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