Your Essential Pool Maintenance Tasks

Swimming pools can be a wonderful addition to your yard.

Perfect for cooling off on warm sunny days or keeping your fitness up, there are numerous benefits to having one.

But, they do require some maintenance to keep them operating optimally.
What are the essential pool maintenance tasks you need to complete?

Let’s go over what they are now.

Your Essential Pool Maintenance Tasks

  1. Collecting Surface Debris

    Even if you have a cover for your pool, you’ll still find that debris like leaves, bugs and other objects will enter the water. It is important to remove these on a daily basis (or before you put the cover back on after a swim) otherwise they can build up and cause problems.

    Left unattended, they can unnecessarily clog your filters or they can sink to the bottom of the pool creating dirty spots and places for bacteria to gather.

    Use a long-handled skimmer pole to skim the leaves and other unwanted things from the surface of the water. Don’t forget that the skimmer itself will become dirty with regular use, so ensure you clean this weekly to maintain efficiency and prevent dirt from re-entering your pool.

  2. Cleaning The Walls

    Due to their constantly wet nature, the walls of your pool can begin to accumulate debris, calcium or algae. Prevent this from happening by using an appropriate brush to scrub the sides of your pool every week. Don’t forget to also scrub any other fixtures like ladders, steps or slides.

    The base of the pool will also need to be cleaned. This can be done with a brush or a pool vacuum. These tools remove any items that may have sunk from the surface or other debris that may have collected there.

  3. Pump Maintenance

    The pump for your swimming pool plays an important role in circulating the water and keeping it clean. So, it is equally important for you to check that it is operating properly each week. Part of that is making sure that the pump runs long enough to complete adequate circulation of the water and that it is in good working order. If you have any concerns, contact a pump specialist for expert advice.

  4. Checking And Cleaning The Filters

    Pool filters do lots of the heavy lifting for cleaning and filtering your pool water. So, you’ll need to check them regularly to ensure they are still doing the job optimally.

    To assist you with completing the maintenance on your filter, it might help to understand what the filter does and how it works. You can find out all about that in our recent pool filter blog here. Keeping your filter clean and free of debris will ensure that your pool water remains healthy to swim in and creates that sparkling blue visual that lights up your yard.

    Check your filter on a weekly basis and complete a thorough clean of the filter cartridge monthly. You can find more information on how to clean your pool filter cartridge here.

  5. Test Your Water

    Using an appropriate test kit, you will want to monitor the quality of the water in your pool. By testing the water regularly, you can understand what is going on with the pH levels, chlorine/salt, alkalinity and calcium hardness.

    This information will help you to adjust the chemical levels in your pool to prevent the growth of algae, your water from clouding, or irritation to the skin and eyes of the people using your pool. Maintaining the correct chemical balance keeps your pool clean and a pleasure to swim in.

  6. Water Levels

    Another essential pool maintenance task is checking that your pool always has the correct level of water in it. When the water is at the appropriate height, your pump and filtration system can operate efficiently and it makes it easier to skim the surface.

    If your water levels are starting to look low, then top them up to where they should be. This is particularly pertinent if there has been high use of the pool or lots of splashing happening!

  7. Inspect Pool Equipment

    Regularly inspect your pool equipment to check that it is operating as it should. Be mindful of pumps, heaters, valves, and the cover, checking for signs of leaks, damage or wear. If you do discover any damaged or worn components, then organise the appropriate repair or replacement to prevent any major issues from occurring.

  8. Clean The Surrounding Area

    You could clean your pool a thousand times, but if dirt or grime is washing in from the surrounding deck or pavers, then you are never going to keep the water completely clean! Regularly cleaning your pool area, patio furniture, pool toys and even the cover will prevent dirt, leaves and other debris from entering your pool.

Essential Filter Parts

A big part of your pool maintenance will be checking and replacing your filter cartridges. Luckily, Water Filters Online has you covered with a huge range of filters to suit your pool.

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